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3-Day Re-Set Your Breath Challenge!

This is for you if you’re ready to:

Reduce stress, anxiety and be able to create calmness in any situation. 


Re-energize and detoxify your body so you can relieve tension, chronic pain and physical strain anywhere in the body.


Deepen your connection and awareness to your intuition so you can receive guided messages that’ll allow you to make decisions confidently.


Remove overwhelm so you can feel confident and grounded in your path to becoming the person you were always meant to be.

Join us live on March 15th inside our private Path to Becoming Facebook Group!

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Why A Re-Set Challenge?

How can we begin sticking to a healing practice if we've never challenged ourselves to something new?


Setting your foundations first allows your physiology to re-set itself. I created this challenge so you can begin breathing in the most optimal way and to inspire you to begin experiencing the benefits of what a consistent Breathwork practice can do for you. 

Find out how to optimize your breathing so you can feel the benefits of your life force 24/7.


Create a deep awareness to yourself, your soul/intuition that will leave you feeling grounded and confident in all your decisions.


Understand how the breath impacts our physiology so you can visualize the effects internally, giving you a deeper sense of Self.


Feel rejuvenated, relaxed and in control of your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.


Begin to form a consistent Breathwork practice that will reduce stress, increase your energy, and help you on your path to becoming. 

In just 3 days you’ll

How Does This Work?

For three days we’ll be meeting live on our Facebook Group (we'll be meeting at different times each day - once you sign up you'll get the schedule in your inbox!).  Each day we'll cover a different topic, you’ll be prompted to do different exercises that will help you reset your mind and body and receive a challenge to put the concepts into action. There will also be a printable/downloadable PDF that will help you stay on track with each challenge of the day.


Here’s a micro breakdown of the schedule! 

Day 1: DISCOVER - Discover how you’re breathing (most likely in a sub-optimal way), what kind of breather you are, your vital lung capacity (the maximum amount of air you can expel from the lungs after a maximum inhalation.) and experience an awareness breathing session.

Day 2: ACTIVATE -  Activate the most important organs that help you breathe (these are organs that have become dormant over time, causing poor breathing patterns).

Day 3: RESTORE - Bring your physiology and Central Nervous System back to homeostasis. Ask any questions you have about the Challenge so far and experience a Breathwork session.

After you hit the sign up button, you’ll be registered for the 3-Day Re-set Your Breath Challenge and will receive an email letting you know that you’ve successfully signed up and details on how it works!

You will receive daily emails guiding you through each day of the Re-set so you know exactly what to do.

Come with curiosity, and open mind and heart and we’ll be on our way to propelling healing, growth and transformation!

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