Why Words Are Limiting & What To Do Instead!

Have you ever stopped to wonder where our words came from? How did they get to signify what they do now? Who created these words and who even wrote the dictionary?

It's easy for us to plow through life without stopping to question everything around us because after all, that would make us go really crazy. We’ve come out of the womb with an almost set pre-text for our lives. What to eat, what to say, what to do. These are all written in the books and questioning it all would really begin to make us feel out of place.

But we can begin to question our pre-text in pieces. As our lives unfold beneath our eyes, we begin to face situations that forces us to stop, take a step back and question where this all came from. Its a beautiful path. When we begin to work with the Breath, we begin to connect ourselves with a deeper part of our souls. We begin to unearth what the eyes and words can’t verbalize and see. Instead, we begin to vocalize without the pre-context that’s been laid out to us. We begin making sounds.

Yes. Sounds. Think about it, when animals make a sound, when they bark, when they howl, when they purr, grunt etc those are noises/sounds that come from within their souls. From a place of purity. From a place where judgment doesn’t exist. From a place where self expression feels liberating, it feels calming and it simply feels right.

When we begin to express ourselves in this manner we throw away the rules that have been set forth. We begin to speak with who we really are instead of speaking to society’s preconceived ideas of what we should say, what we should do, how we should portray ourselves and so on.

Let’s make a noise right now. And if you’re reading up until now and you’re beginning to feel weird, or strange, this is a good sign. This is a sign that you’re being triggered by society’s construct.


Out loud now, close your eyes and begin tuning into your breath. Maybe place one hand to your heart or even both hands. Feel your heart pumping. Feel your body grounding towards the earth and vocalize something your soul has been wanting to vocalize. Don’t think about it. Don’t force it. Simply tune into your soul with the breath and when you’re ready, vocalize. When i say vocalize, this would ideally be some sort of sound/noise. Maybe its an “Ahhhhhhh” maybe its a “Ohhhhhwiiiiiiii” or maybe its a yell. Whatever it is allow yourself to go for it. If you want to play some music, go ahead and do so. Make yourself feel comfortable.

Doing this is creating space for yourself to shine through you. It’s allowing space for you to deepen your authenticity and uncover what it is that may need to unleash right now, in this moment in time.

Noises and sounds have an unlimited frequency. They aren’t attached to meanings or definitions. They are infinite, just like the capacity of your soul. Words and phrases are attached to meanings, to symbols, to places etc. They are limited in their capacity thus limiting you too.

Practice this exercise until you find yourself feeling comfortable within the unknown. It is only when we delve into the unknown, into the darkness that we can re-birth. And right now more than ever, is the moment for us to confront our darkness, our limitations and our stories that are keeping us from moving forward.

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