Ways To Experience More Presence

When we experience anxiety and stress, specifically anxiety, what we’re really experiencing is a detachment from our current present moment. We’re either thinking about the future and what it holds for us as well as the past and what we perhaps could’ve done differently. We’re going back and forth from one opposite to the other and this makes us “lose our consciousness”. When we lose our consciousness we begin to lose our intuition and therefore our sense of groundedness which makes us feel “stuck” fearful, worried and anxious. We’re no longer with the ‘Self’.

Here’s an example:

You might now be reading this article, sitting on your sofa and perhaps drinking a tea. Here, you’re in the present moment. Your eyes are focused on the screen and your mind is processing the content of this article. However, as soon as a thought pops up in your mind and you begin to follow it, you’re now not present anymore. You’re beginning to travel to someplace different. This is purposeful. This is not a mistake. This is not “wrong-doing”. So, what is the purpose of this? It is for you to experience this “travelling”. It is for you to see how easily you can go to a place of anxiety, fear etc. If you did not experience this “traveling” you wouldn’t know what it means to be present, would you?

We need to understand this very concept; in order to experience the light, we must experience the dark. We cannot find clarity with duality. We need to experience the polar opposite of something in order to find our truth (what holds true to our soul, to our hearts).

So, how can you become more present with the moment?

  1. Find a day within your week where you can spend some time on your own. Find a day that feels relaxing to you… Sunday? Saturday? Monday?

  2. Find a time within that day that you know you can do absolutely NOTHING.

  3. Find a place that fills your soul. Outdoors? Sitting on the grass? Inside your home? Maybe it's simply sitting down on your chair or bathing in water in darkness. Find your place.

  4. Now that you’re in your place, simply be. What do you notice? How do you feel? Where are you? What do you smell? What “time” is it? What is the current feeling within your body?

  5. Once you’ve done that, simply be, again. Notice what emerges from the silence.

This is a powerful exercise that you can begin implementing as a daily/weekly/monthly ritual. It not only strengthens your presence with simply “being” in the present moment, but it also strengthens your intuition and your “other” senses. AND, it strengthens your focus, your mental capacity/clarity, and you create a stronger relationship with ‘Self’.

Now before you go do this, Why is it important to practice “being”? Why is it important to be with the presence of the moment?

Here’s a breakdown of each one of the most important elements:

Relationship w/ Self: we develop a closer relationship with ourselves so that we can understand our own energy. When we understand our own energy at any given moment, we can better live our days in “flow”. We can make quick decisions as to what’s best for us and we can develop a sense of unconditional love for what we need in any given moment. For example, if your energy is calling for you to eat chocolate or to have a rest day where you do the things that will bring you relaxation such as watching TV or taking a bath, then you do those very things without judging yourself. Instead, you will begin to appreciate how well you know yourself and what you need in any given moment.

Mental Capacity/Clarity/Focus: when we distance our minds from all the exterior chatter and noise, we create a space of mental clarity because there is nothing to distract us. We sit with what is in the moment thus creating a “break” from things that might be getting in the way of uncovering the answers we’re searching for.

Intuition: this goes hand in hand with developing the relationship with ‘Self’. As we do, we increase our intuition, our ability to listen to the source of who we are instead of listening to the things we think we “should be doing”. Every time you listen to your intuition and act on it, you are trusting it, therefore you are increasing your intuitive muscle.

One more thing! Before you begin the ritual, make sure you’re taking at least 5-10 deep long breaths. This cleanses your system and sets a grounding energy as you emerge yourself into this ritual. Without taking time to transition from one energetic level to another, we risk taking in energy from another activity that we were doing and so creating an energetic imbalance.

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