Find Out Where You’re Storing Your Emotions

If we don’t have an outlet to process our emotions such as doing Breathwork, journaling, screaming (Yes! Screaming work is real and I’ll be talking more about it soon!), talking to ourselves, moving our bodies, connecting to nature and other methods of processing, our emotions become trapped inside our physical bodies. This can lead to illness and disease where we find ourselves asking; “Where in the world did this come from?” I’m eating well, exercising, hydrating and taking care of my mental and physical well being and now I'm sick?!

Here’s how to decipher your emotions and find out where you're storing it in your physical body. One thing to note here is that although there’s a formula for this, if this is your first time doing Breathwork you may not feel anything or you may feel very little. The same goes for someone who may have already done a few sessions, there are days where we’re a little more open to this and other days where our minds are too preoccupied with our lives or maybe something we still need to figure out or complete. This will impact your Breathwork session and how much you can actually extract in terms of resurfacing emotions and feelings. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and re-experience the past takes a lot and sometimes we’re not ready. Please take it step by step and give space for yourself to listen to your body. Are you prepared to fully heal? What may be holding you back to fully start this path to becoming your most authentic self?

The formula to help you navigate your emotions:

1. Download this Breathwork audio and begin the session.

Purpose: Allows you to move and clear stuck energy + re-surface any trapped emotions.

Once you’re done listening, jot down if you experienced any pain, tension, or sensation (this could be tingling, itching etc). The point here is that everyone’s bodies are different and sometimes these mild sensations might be a signal from your body telling you where an emotion is being stored.

2. After taking inventory, read the below Emotion Code Chart by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Purpose: Identify which emotions you’re holding onto and where that emotion is stored in the physical body.

3. Can you see whether you are experiencing any tension/pain in the identified part of your body? If not much came up for you while listening to the audio for the first time, re-listen to it (remember, healing is a journey and it takes time to re-encounter parts of ourselves, experiences and situations we’ve hid under the rug).

If you did identify where you might be holding your emotions, journal about it.

Understanding ourselves in this manner can help us avoid discord with our souls and inevitably avoid sickness. When we’re able to understand that our emotions impacts every cell in our body, we are strengthening the relationship between mind-body connection. This allows us to navigate our lives in a smooth, tranquil and powerful way because we’re anchored in our truths and authenticity. We’re able to release anything that doesn’t serve us in the immediateness of the event/situation instead of holding it inside for days, weeks and even years.

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