5 Reasons Why Your Still Stuck In Fear

Fear can be a word that radiates darkness for a lot of us. According to the dictionary, fear is “An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.” Naturally, most of us will take this definition negatively. After all, if something is painful, dangerous and threatening we don’t really want to engage with it. The judge of what is pleasurable/scary; the limbic system (seat of emotions), immediately alerts us of the potential danger and our bodily functions changes in order to more appropriately fight it off. Stress hormones release, breathing rate increases, pupils dilate, the bronchi dilate and heart rate and blood pressure rise.

As much as those bodily changes are undesirable, instead of looking at fear from such a negative angle, we can choose to embrace it by tuning into our breaths as a way to manage it all. For example, when we begin our paths to becoming (our soul’s purpose here in this lifetime), the first thing we’re scared of is what people might think. We’re scared to jump into our soul’s calling because not only are we worried about external validation, but we may also be carrying negative frequencies from experiences we've had in a past lifetime.

So, if you’re still stuck in fear these might be the reasons why and how you can navigate the path.

1. Seeing fear as an enemy

Have you gone through multiple experiences that have not worked in your favor? If so, you might be seeing fear as your enemy, which means you’re avoiding fear at all costs, re-enforcing the belief to your subconscious.

How to navigate the path: Close your eyes and bring to mind the all the times you avoided fear? Keep breathing through your nose into the belly and don't stop until you feel like you've exhausted your list. Note down all the times that came up for you. Is there a pattern? Are you avoiding fear only in specific situations?

2. Being paralyzed by what others think

Not moving forward because you’re scared of what others think can be tied to childhood experiences. Think about the last time you felt this same feeling? For example, when I was in middle school I’d be scared to answer the teacher’s questions and raise my hand up because I was scared of having the wrong answer. This ties to the way my father treated me -- whenever I had the wrong answer in Math, he’d make me feel ashamed of myself.

How to navigate the path: Close your eyes and visualize yourself doing exactly what you want to be doing. Breathe into this feeling, what does it feel like to be doing what you want to be doing? Now, bring to mind the concern of what people may think of you. Keep breathing in and out of your nose with your eyes closed and ask yourself; ‘What is the worst thing that can happen if I put myself out there?’.

3. Finding pleasure in fear

Do you find yourself coming to life when you speak of the times where you struggled, failed or went through a traumatic experience? This might actually be an attempt to gain control over a painful situation in the hopes of gaining mastery and resolution. Repeating the experience and re-exposing yourself to it actually brings a relief from the feelings of disappointment, frustration, and anxiety.

How to navigate the path: If you find yourself agitated every time you relive this trauma, lay down, close your eyes and breathe in through your nose for a count of 6 and breathe out for a count of 8. This will bring relaxation to your nervous system and you’ll begin seeing your distressful experience through a calmer lens, enabling you to start changing your perceptions.

4. Unhealed trauma

If you’re still carrying resentment, grief, sorrow from a past experience into your current life, you’ll be imposing a false fear. My mantra “What we don’t heal, we repeat”. This is true for anything in life and the biggest pivot to true transformation and growth.

How to navigate the path: Download the free Breathwork Audio and find out what is still triggering you and holding you back from beginning your path to becoming.

5. Receptivity to auto-suggestion by others

Auto-suggestion is “a suggestion arising from oneself, as the repetition of verbal messages as a means of changing behavior.” However, the auto suggestion we’re speaking about here is when somebody else is imposing their auto suggesting onto you. For example, someone might say “Speaking in public is really scary”. Now if you are already fearful of that, and is someone who’s easily influenced by others, you can be easily swayed by it. This is similar to “brainwashing” and can reinforce someone’s fear even more so.

How to navigate the path: Journal! Take inventory of all the times where you felt swayed by others and if at any point did you receive an auto suggestion that may have reinforced your fears.

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