Your Purpose Is Always Evolving

Your purpose is always evolving. Why? Because the nature of life is to change, evolve, transmute. Whether that’s a change in lifestyle, a change in career or even a small change such as the way we greet people. The word change doesn’t have to mean we are doing 360 turnaround. It can be as small or as large as we’d like. Now this doesn’t mean that we don’t end up with a larger purpose in life. After all, life is a collection of events, the pieces we pick up from our experiences that have contributed to our growth. It is also a collection of fulfilling different purposes in each phase, that eventually adds up to our larger purpose. The purpose in which our souls decided to come here to fulfill.

In my article; ‘Changing Careers, Roles and Environment’, I talk about how change is a natural process in our evolution and the same concept applies here; if we ourselves are changing, our purpose will inevitably change too.

That means that when we begin our path to becoming who we desire, we’ll go through different phases that will require us to fulfill a specific purpose. For example, after graduation, my purpose was to gain independence from my family by taking a job that could pay my bills, give me the stability I needed and learn what it would be like to live on my own terms. Even though I knew from a really young age I wanted to have ‘my own thing’, at that phase in my life, I needed to go through that experience for me to gain a deeper felt emotion of what it’d be like if I didn’t pursue ‘my own thing’ (what was on my heart). Second, I had to detach economically from my parents.

Once I began dabbling into experiencing what ‘my own thing’ really looked like, I did all sorts of things out of desperation to escape from my job. From starting an amazon business to trying to become a model, I was desperate to replace my income so that I could follow what was truly in my heart. Here, my purpose was to grow into a maturer version of myself. I had to experience building a business that was not in alignment in order for me to truly align with my authentic path.

After fulfilling this purpose, I was a step closer to being in my authentic truth; helping others. I always knew I wanted to help others, at 16 years old, I wanted to study Psychology and didn’t because my father disapproved. I was conditioned to follow the path of Math, Business, “the money making” degree or something like that. During this phase, I began helping others through what I’d achieved. It all started with a Facebook post - I wrote what I had achieved in my life and in return asked if anybody needed help achieving the same. The next day I had 5 people respond, and that’s when I began working with my first client. Here, I needed to gain confidence in working with someone 1:1, seeing I could give them results and prove to myself that this is what I loved to do.

From there, the path to becoming my most authentic self developed into helping women build their passion project. And although I advised on strategy, marketing and other business concepts, 90% was helping them heal and transform. By healing and de-conditioning their past, these women began taking ownership of their choices and their lives. One of my purposes here, was to prove to myself that I could build a profitable business that I loved.

Now here I am, in the most authentic version of Self. Creating, building and sharing what I love most; helping others become who they were always meant to be. Which through my eyes, means healing our past so we can step into our power and be leaders of change (big or small).

It is a beautiful path and if we begin to reframe the way we look at our experiences in the lens of; “What might have my purpose been during this phase in my life?”. Living life in this manner can provide us with a deep sense of grounding, meaning and faith. When we believe that everything in our lives are adding up to where we’re going and who we’re becoming we can easily navigate it.

Are you unsure of how your life events thus far have served you a purpose? Use this guide to help:


Before beginning this exercise, inhale through the nose deeply and hold to the top of your head for a count of 15 and then exhale through the mouth and let it go. Repeat 2x.


1. Can you identify the events in your life that you have:

a. reached a milestone?

b. been stressed?

c. hit a rock bottom?

2. What happened after these events, did it cause a subsequent event to happen?

3. How did these events shape you into who you are today?

4. What purpose did these events fulfill?

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