How We Are All Mothers Here & Now

Today we celebrate the concept of Motherhood; to all the women who have given birth, who are on their way to giving birth, who have reparented a child, who are parents of animals but also to the women who are mothering themselves as well as mothering their own creation into this world.

The thing is that you don’t need to have given birth to a child to be a mother, you already are a mother. A mother to yourself, to the little girl inside, to the soul that needs constant nurturing and to the wounded Self that needs reparenting, reprogramming and rebirthing.

If we trace back to the time where our soul decided to reincarnate in this lifetime, that’s where the motherhood began. That is where you recognized that you became a mother to yourself. You are your own mother first and foremost. You are the one that decided to become this lifetime and face the challenges and the experiences that you are currently undergoing. And this may be quite an abstract concept for some of you to grasp, especially for those of us who have faced treacherous and “unforgiving” experiences in our lives. It is hard to understand and accept that certain treacherous and traumatic experiences may have been our choice and only ours.

But if we quieten the thinking mind and instead begin to look at the depths of our soul (by connecting to the breath) we can find the truth. The truth that without the challenges, without the obstacles, without the trauma, we cannot find ourselves. We cannot understand who we really are and better see the divine within all of us. Without all of the “baggage”, we’d continue living in a state of what I call “utter negligence”; a state where we are actually “sleeping” through our lives and taking each day as if we it just happened to us and we’re now just combating each day as it comes. In other words, this is a state of survival, a state in which we’re just getting by with what we have. However, this is simply not true.

It is essential that we look at ourselves and our experiences so that we can see how they may be contributing to our own becoming. How they are contributing to our healing, growth and transformation.

If you haven’t yet taken time to yourself today, or even the past few weeks, stop now and check in with yourself.

  • How am I today?

  • How am I feeling today?

  • What do I need/want today/

  • How have I been mothering myself today and over the last few days/weeks?

Once you’ve journaled through those prompts, create your own definition of what a Mother is. What does she do? What does she give and receive? How does she take care of herself? How does she mother herself? What are the scents/symbols of a mother? When did I learn about the concept of being a mother? Who’s definition did I pick up here?

We are all mothering something into this world. Whether it’d be our own re-parenting of our own inner child, mothering creative projects, business endeavors, relationships etc. It is helpful to “re-look” and “re-take” inventory of what today means for you and what Motherhood is because most likely, you’ve picked up a definition of this day and perhaps its not the definition that fully resonates with your core/soul.

The more we get into the habit of questioning, and re-taking a look into these concepts we’ve picked up, the more we find ourselves, our truth and therefore the more authentic we become in our paths.

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