How To Differentiate Between Intuition and Fear

One of the ways we get stuck in our paths is due to fear. When we feel like we can’t access our intuition that’s because our rational minds are dominating both hemispheres of the brain; right and left, leaving us stuck, frustrated and feeling disconnected from our truths.

So how can we differentiate between intuition and fear?

Before we can do this, let’s define both. Intuition is a gut feeling, it feels like a gentle reminder or nudge from your soul. For example, say you just parked your car, closed the doors and suddenly you get a “pop” feeling (describing it as a “pop” feeling as I like to use sounds to describe certain feelings that can’t really be described in the form of “words”) like you’re missing something; Phone? Keys? Wallet? That feeling is your intuition, gently reminding you to either double check you’ve got everything or that indeed, you left something in the car that you need to grab.

Another example; when we receive an opportunity, let’s say a job. It all looks good on the paper and ticks off all the boxes in which you desire. However, for some reason you have a feeling, again, a gentle “pop” feeling that makes you either question the job, or makes you feel like there’s something that’s just not right; perhaps something that the eye just can’t see. This is your intuition in its most beautiful form. When we can’t describe what we’re feeling but we know, deep inside that something is just not quite lining up, that is our intuition. Even when everything “looks” to be logical and correct, our hearts are just not in it 100%.

This same concept applies when something does, feel right. A really great example of this is related to money. I say this because this has happened to me SO many times. When we want to purchase something that although is above our budgets, we know is the right choice, our intuition is being exercised. Although it “may not make sense” to purchase it due to the high price tag, we simply “know” (our gut feeling shows up with full certainty) that this is what we’re meant to do.

Fear, on the other hand, is when we know (our intuition has confirmed) that something feels right, but because it feels out of our comfort zones, we become fearful. For example, say you’re being called to share your voice online and your beautiful work to the world. Deep inside, you’re burning to do this, you envision yourself doing all of the things your heart is showing you in your mind but because you’ve never done this before, you’re fearful. When this happens you begin telling yourself all sorts of stories to try and convince yourself not to do whatever it is you’re being called to do because it's foreign, it feels out of your normal range.

So, how can we navigate the path of fear vs intuition?

Here’s how I’ve always navigated through the two and how my clients have too.

#1 Stop. De-tach.

As it says, stop doing whatever it is you’re trying to “figure out”. Let go of all things that are clouding your space, not just your physical space but also your mental space. This could take several forms such as deleting social media apps for a couple of days, taking a break from consuming information (podcasts, news, books), taking some time off from speaking to people who may be swaying you to one side of the story. The point here is that you detach from everything that may be adding onto the confusion and blurriness. Before I switched gears in my business, (allowing PTB to come to fruition), I took almost 4 months off of all social media, all other consumption of information and put an end to the business.

#2 Soak in water. Remove The Impurities.

Taking a bath, or shower, or even standing in the rain if you live somewhere that allows for that will do you wonders. Water is one of the 4 elements on Earth that carries a soothing, cleansing energy. When you’re soaking in water, visualize the water on your skin dripping down and removing any negative feeling, emotion, energy that you may be carrying with you.

#3 Breathe. Allow space.

When we take time to breathe we allow space for our true feelings to appear to the surface so that we can gain clarity and confidence to move forward in our paths. We shut off the rational mind, we bring our central nervous system back to homeostasis, our intuition becomes clearer, and therefore we can make the decisions that we know are the right ones.

#4 Write. Express yourself.

After a powerful breathe, taking time to write will reveal the uncoverings of the breathing session. It’s in the moments of solitude, the moments where we really take time to develop a relationship to our souls that the path is shown to us. Write for at least 10 minutes!

The hardest part about this is allowing you to take time out for yourself. To take time to stop and detach. We’re so used to living a life of “go-go-go” that when we’re not in this mode, we begin judging ourselves and we begin finding all the reasons why we “should just keep going.” Don’t. See for yourself how just a brief “pause”, can bring you back into clarity, authenticity and therefore in a “faster” route to your own becoming.

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