"Healing can only be done by the individual.

No one can ever give you the power you already hold within. You are here to unearth this power."


Combining the science and spirituality of the breath to heal trauma and conditioning.

Are you ready to heal so that you can become the person you were always meant to be?

A platform for self-healing through . 


We’ve all come to this planet to begin our Paths To Becoming who our souls decided to be when it agreed to incarnate in this lifetime. However, through childhood conditioning, societal rules and our environment, we’ve lost our true selves and instead, have followed a path not based on our authentic desires, but based on our “should’s”. This has left us in discord with our soul and out of touch with our intuition (the guide).


By using the science of the breath (our inner healer), we can begin healing all the conditioning and false beliefs that have been holding us back from becoming who we were always meant to be. Our intuition strengthens in the process, guiding us to create the reality and the lives we truly want to live.


"I uncovered more with PTB than I did with countless mentors in years"


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The go-to podcast for deep soul healing by utilizing Breathwork as the bridge that connects us to our inner healer. Each episode brings you the tools you need to help you on your path to becoming.

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Your Breathwork Questions Answered

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is the term we give to a variety of different breathing techniques used to cultivate self-awareness and the enhancement of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Breathwork uses our own life force (the breath) for healing, growth and transformation. By manipulating our breathing patterns, we can quite the mind and drop into our body. 

What is the science behind Breathwork?

Our breath is the single most important source of energy that we take in on a moment to moment basis; oxygen is needed by every single cell in our system so that our organs can function as they should. Without optimal breathing patterns, our cells do not regenerate, we're more prone to developing illness and many other complications such as; high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues and the list goes on. When we breathe in different patterns such as slightly faster, continuous connected breathing, we begin changing the chemistry of the body so that our blood pH becomes neutral (the optimal pH level in our system). Not only that, we also begin releasing any blocked physical and emotional energies that have been associated with traumatic events.

Through the Vagus Nerve, our breathing influences our every function, from


What is the role of Breathwork as a healing modality?

Before we can begin the path of becoming who we were always meant to be, we have to go back to the beginning of life. Before you were conceived, your soul (spirit) decided to incarnate to fulfill a specific purpose here on Earth. Although with a specific mission, it may also have carried experiences from your past lifetimes. So for example, if you had an abusive parent or relationship during a past life time, your soul, now, will carry those experiences within you. A common experience people will have is that they’ll begin wondering why they fear xyz when none of that experience has ever happened to them before. This ‘random fear’ isn’t all that random as its an emotion that has been imprinted on their soul from a past life. 


As we move into the womb, we are conscious beings already, and are actively learning and developing emotions and beliefs about ourselves and the world as either a safe or fearful place - babies are affected by the state of their parents. As we move through the womb to actually living in this physical reality, our soul’s continue to carry on these experiences. During the ages of ~0-14 our brains are constantly being molded by our parents and environment. Think of your brain like a sponge, absorbing everything you hear and see. 


Through these developmental stages, if we didn’t have our needs met (loved, accepted, taken care, supported, fed, given attention, respected etc) and if we faced experiences that caused distress, we’ll grow up facing these exact same situations that happened when we were younger. For example, if your parents always argued about money and paying the bills, this association gets imprinted in the hippocampus (a part of your brain that involves learning & memorizing). You then grow up and you find yourself arguing about money and paying the bills with your partner. You cant understand why you always feel anxious when talking about money and paying the bills. The subject of money and paying bills triggered a stress response. 


This is one example only, so you can imagine the implications other types of situations can have for our potential of becoming who we desire to be. 


Once these emotions and feelings are triggered, if not processed correctly or left unresolved (if we don't do things like crying, conscious breathing, and doing other kinds of therapies for healing), we’ll develop characteristics that block us from becoming who we were always meant to be (remember our soul’s had a mission right from the start). Blockers that will emerge are; limiting beliefs, anger, feelings of abandonment/neglect, shame, guilt, obsessive worry, fear and anxiety. They can develop and become problematic in our abilities to move forward with our soul's purpose and the lives we desire to live and as a result we become complacent, immobile and stuck in fear of following our true, natural path. 

Through the breath, we can heal all of the blockers holding us back from living in our truth. By playing around with our breathing patterns, we can access different parts of our nervous system in order to  open up the opportunity to ‘see’ and relate to stressful states by learning to consciously relax through what is surfacing.

How do we gain better "control" of our emotions with Breathwork?

If you observe yourself and observe your breathing, you will notice that you breathe differently when you are at peace, rather than upset. You breathe differently when you are happy compared to when you are sad; afraid versus calm, angry versus pleased. 

Every emotional state has a corresponding or associated breathing pattern or quality, rhythm or feature. When your emotional state changes, your breathing changes. And it works both ways: when you change your breathing, you can change your emotional state!

How Does Breathwork Help Me Live The Life I Desire?

Once we’ve healed ourselves*, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually we are then a clear vessel for our desires. We move through life without all the blockages from our conditioning and in turn are living with the full certainty that everything we desire is possible. Our ability to go into the world and create it, is effortless.

*disclaimer: we are always healing, this healing path is an infinite one as there are always new experiences we go through in life.

What Can I Expect In A Breathwork Session?

Because every person has a different genetic composition, each individual's experience will be different. There are common occurrences that can happen for everyone such as tingling sensations, numbness or tightness in the hands and facial area, feelings of resistance to breathing, light coughing, emotional upset or happiness, deep sense of inner peace and purpose.

What Breathing Techniques Do You Do?

There are multiple ways of breathing that can activate different parts of our nervous system. At PTB we not only utilize already established methods such as Conscious Connected Breathing and Holotropic Breathwork, but a lot of what we do is based on the creation of Sam’s own personal path and intuition.

How Does Breathwork Help Me Relax?

Breathing activates our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, with a technique purposefully designed to help you relax, you’ll be activating the sympathetic nervous system, bringing it back to balance wh

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