An Inner Healing Breathwork is a 1 hour and 15 mins session designed to empower you to be your own healer. This is a healing session where Sam will be guiding you to work with your breath in a specific rhythm to turn off your "thinking mind", drop into your body and begin connecting with your soul/higher self in order to receive the intuitive messages and answers you are looking for to gain clarity and confidence in your path. 


In this session you will be encouraged to feel any feelings that arises from within, access your wounds, and the deepest, most vulnerable parts of you that are ready to be revealed and healed. Sam will be guiding you through each step of your journey with the breath, holding a safe space for you to be and do exactly what you need at that time.

Since everyone is so uniquely different, each session will be tailored to your exact needs and Sam will decide, intuitively, what the most appropriate breathing technique will be for you based on your current situation. 

Inner Healing Breathwork

How is the session structured and what can I expect?

The first 10-15 mins will be used to better understand your current situation, allowing Sam to intuitively pick up any energies so that she can guide you as best as possible. This will also be an opportunity for you to express anything that is important for Sam to know and anything else that needs to be spoken. Here, Sam will also lead you into what you can expect to feel physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally during the Breathwork.

You will then be guided into a Breathwork for 45 mins where you will be moving to an altered state. Here you will experience a sense of presence and timelessness. Read below for more information on what happens to our brain during a Breathwork session.

Once the actual Breathwork is complete, you will spend 10-15 mins going over your experience with Sam; ask any questions about what you saw, felt and heard. Here, you'll be able to receive extra guidance into any area of your life that needs a little clarity. Lastly, depending on your situation, Sam will prescribe you with a specific ritual that can be implemented into your daily routine.

How do I prepare for the session?

24 hours prior to your session please make sure you have not induced any of the following:

- Alcohol

- Excessive sugar 

- Strenuous exercise 

Right before your session, please make sure you have the following ready:

- A safe/quiet space where you won't be disturbed

- A blanket 

- A journal/notebook 

- A pen

- A bottle/glass of water 

* You are invited to set up your space for this healing session however you'd like, some recommendations are; clearing the energy of your space by smudging sage/mugwort, bringing your favorite crystals along, lighting candles and burning incense. It is recommended that you be in a space that allows you to have the lights dim for a deeper experience.

The Science Behind Breathwork 

Mindfulness research has shown that when we are aware of our breath it lights up all three parts of our brain and increases the neuroplasticity (ability to create new pathways/neural connections in the brain)*. When we bring awareness to the breath, we begin strengthening and stabilizing the mind so that we can begin to perceive our emotions and our trauma from a calm nervous system instead of re-creating & re-living the trauma. From here, we can see that we have a choice. This choice is freedom, freedom of accepting what happened in the past so that we can fully release and heal from those experiences that are keeping us stagnant. During Breathwork, we may be able to see a situation in our life from a new perspective, seeing the situation from a place of empowerment, because everything that happens in our life is for a purpose - for us to learn a lesson and grow from it. This is powerful in beginning to change a pattern of the mind and heal the effects of trauma.

What is happening in our brains when we move to an altered state is something called transient hypofrontality – this is when the prefrontal cortex goes offline. The prefrontal cortex governs our ability to differentiate among conflicting thoughts, determine good and bad, better and best, same and different, future consequences of current activities, working toward a defined goal, prediction of outcomes and expectation based on actions. This is powerful as it allows us to remove the judgement and stories that our minds create that keep us stuck in the past. During Breathwork, we are quite literally turning off our old, reptilian brain that keeps us in survival mode and instead, we're dropping into our higher consciousness, into the soul of who we really are. 

*We can change the way we think, act and behave through strengthening a pathway. Habits are created and changed here. It can be a challenge to change as the brain finds it easier to keep doing the same patterns over and over again. We can change our brains. Learning new skills, having new experiences, and creating new habits can create new synapsis or letting go of old habits can weaken those particular synapsis.

Note: our brain is neutral…it doesn’t know if it is good/bad. It develops pathways that are repeated not matter if they are good or not.

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