Healing Breathwork Session

In this session, you'll shut the mind off long enough to access stuck energy, unprocessed emotions and feelings that . As we begin to release the mind, unprocessed emotional pain is able to surface, giving the opportunity to release them emotions and experiences that keep us stuck in our lives.


Breathwork also helps to reduce stress, anxiety, refill our creative energies and detox our physiological system.

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1 hour

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Why A Circle?

The circle represents several concepts throughout different traditions and cultures, but universally it represents the notion of wholeness, totality and the infinite nature of energy and the universe. 

Coming together as a community, we form an energetic field that binds us all together in a circle, giving infinite energy and intelligence to one another so we can create an unconditional loving space to strengthen our paths to becoming.


Tap into your vulnerability self by accessing trapped emotions that are still keeping you stuck and feaful. 

Learn how to be in oneness with your body, mind and spirit so you can form the deepest, loving relationship with your soul.

Gain self-love and compassion by seeing any grief, resentment and sorrow from a place of tranquility, assurance and ease.

Detoxify your body from any inflammation and impurities by oxygenizing your cells. 

Identify your meridian points (the life forice/Qi) so that you can send healing in the areas that need most. 

Be supported by Sam and everyone else in the circle -- this is how we form an energetic field that creates change.


Ask any questions you have about your experience, Breathwork, Intuition and your own, unique path. 

Receive intuitive hits so that you can feel confident in the next steps towards your path to becoming your most authentic self. 

How Does The Circle Work?

The Circle will be held in-person on Sunday, March 29th.

It’s designed to give you healing, breakthroughs and insights to assist you in wherever you are in your path.

We’ll begin by settling into the space with sound vibrations for grounding, speak about any breakthroughs after the breath session, and connect with everyone else in the room by sharing our stories.

Here's a micro breakdown of schedule!

0 - 45mins: Conscious Breathing - explore different states of consciousness, shifts in your physiology and a profound connection to yourself.

45 - 70mins: Questions & Answers - get the answers to your burning questions about Breathwork, spirituality, and intuition.

70 - 90mins: Community Breakout - connect with members of our open-hearted community who are here to support you and your path to becoming.




Wow! That was truly an amazing breakthrough for me. You were truly sent to me. I had just read yesterday that I needed to start doing breathwork after understanding my enneagram test. So thank you so much, you have an amazing gift!

Cynthia said,

Did your Breathwork for the first time and it was so intense! I felt a lot of sadness, cried and got really cold. Feeling relieved now :) Didn't know about the power of Breathwork!

Angela said,

This was amazing, I realized this is exactly what I need to be doing all the time. First of all, I felt like I was in the angelic realm and when you asked 'what the next steps were for me' it was like this, this, this, this and I realized the next step for me is to connect with the higher realms through this Breathwork. I hadn't felt this much inner peace in a really long time. There were two times where I hit a wall, there was so much pressure in my head that I thought I can't possibly be breathing. If it weren't for Sam's guidance I wouldn't have had the breakthroughs I did.

Michelle said,

Commonly Asked Breathwork Questions

1. If I’ve never practiced Breathwork before will I be able to attend the circle?

Yes of course! Whether you’re new to Breathwork or have done 1, 2 or multiple sessions before, The Path To Becoming Breathwork Circle is designed for everyone and anyone looking to begin a healing practice based on science and spirituality.

2. What is Breathwork exactly?

Breathwork is an umbrella term describing a wide range of conscious breathing practices which promote awareness, self-regulation and deep personal transformation with the intention of enhancing inner peace, healing, health and wellbeing. 


3. What if I can’t get there on time?

The Circle will begin at 11AM MST but the actual Breathwork session won’t begin until ~ 10-15mins in. We recommend an early arrival (5-10 mins) before the circle begins so you have enough time to settle in to the space.


4. What will I experience in The Path To Becoming Circle?

Other than what has already been mentioned above, Sam will be explaining everything else you might experience in a Breathwork session before you begin breathing.

Here's a breakdown of what you might experience:


Tingling sensations in the body, change in temperature (hot/cold), numb, tightness in the hands and tension around the mouth area.


Feelings from the past my come to the surface, feelings of resistance to continued breathing, tears, sadness, joy, relaxation.


The mind will be wondering, thinking about the past or future, attempting to stop you from breathing, diverting your attention from the trapped energy that's trying to release.


you may feel closer to your soul (intuition), ideas or breakthroughs might happen, a sense of grounding and connectedness to the Earth.

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